Hello World

Hello, World.

What else would an electrical engineer start off by saying?
Hi, I’m Aimie. I live in Alaska. I love Jesus. I think electricity is interesting. I enjoy singing. I’d like to do more cooking? I’m pretty nerdy (the plays-computer-games-gets-lost-in-bookstores-and-builds-budget-spreadsheets-for-fun kind). I also call myself a runner as I frolic across the Alaskan taiga. As you probably deduced, I’ve been thinking I need to start saying stuff on the Internet. As if we need more people saying stuff on the Internet these days.

Yet everyone has a story to share, a voice to lift up, so here’s my attempt– I mean– here’s the best blog you’ll ever read on the intersection of all those aspects of my lifeĀ I listed above. After all, I’d better self-promote if I’m going to live up to the name “The Shameless Plug.”